Sunday, June 18, 2017


The birth of our sons is a holy day
It should be set aside, remembered, and observed as such
For, on that day, we communed with God
We glimpsed our power and our purpose, and broke to become whole

I casted my soul into water on the day you were born
And was reincarnated in a new form
The one I had always understood least, antagonized most
And loved best

You are the gorge I willed into being
When I was a river, heaving and expanding with unbridled possibility
It is my blood that flushes your cheeks
It is my milk that hardens your bones

My choices are etched upon you
Like veins on marble
Marking the depth of my fear, the audacity of my dreams
You are my hope of promises kept

May you surpass me
In the reach of your perseverance
And the tenacity of your faith
And when you fall, may you rise again

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