Tuesday, September 12, 2017


We laughed when we saw the sign: "Be wary of pickpocketers." Ha! In Chicago we've got REAL problems. It was winter. And it was night. But I wanted to show you just one more thing. That hill from that movie you loved. With the winding staircases. They were frozen. So we took the tram up instead. Hurry we're going to miss it. I rushed you through the little town. Taking minutes to scour the tiny galleries along the cobbled streets. Hurry! We climbed. And I'd like to think we held hands as we climbed, although I don't remember. I wanted to show you the view from above as the entire city lit up. The street artists I remembered and the painters- they were gone. The carousel was turned off. And the church was too somber. But we didn't put a coin in the binoculars. It was too dark. Do you remember? I said-- do you know where we are?! But you couldn't recall even the best part- the part of the movie where she meets her beloved. Or tries to. I don't remember, you said. And as you looked across the darkened plain, you did not see what I saw. A city lit up with hope and magic. You didn't see. And when I asked you to take a photo with me you refused. "It's cold out," you said. And you put your hands in your pockets. I wanted to linger, to show you more. But you looked down. It was dark, and it was cold, and you did not remember. Montmartre.

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